Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips


Get to know the people who once inhabited this place, discover the true strength of a sawmill worker, and unravel the mystery behind why the lights blinked at 9:55 every evening. It’s also an opportunity to experience Norrbyskär as it appeared in the 1920s. Explore how the island has transformed, identify the buildings that still stand, and uncover those that have disappeared. Läs mer här!

Our mini train Dotto

Who doesn’t love a train ride? Here, you get to experience Norrbyskär’s history and see more of the island in a comfortable and unique way. Hop on the train…

Discover the island

Norrbyskär boasts three islands surrounded by sea, nature, and a unique historical cultural environment. Suitable for all ages eager to explore, experience, and perhaps end the day with a refreshing dip in the ocean. If you prefer crafting your own historical journey, download a map with informative signs to guide you on the Norrbyskär History Walk. Alternatively, follow your instincts and discover your own hidden gems. Don’t overlook the spectacular mosaic floor, a relic from the old planing mill hidden deep in the forest. Map Norrbyskär

Art exhibition

Museet’s arthall showcases annual exhibitions featuring both established and local artists. A versatile space with high ceilings and expansive windows offering views of both sky and sea. The venue itself, with its fascinating history, is worth a visit. Perhaps unwind with a morning coffee and savor the tranquility and art in this soothing cultural environment.

The unique architecture



In our menu, you will always find food made with seasonal ingredients, inspired by Norrbyskär’s history, and infused with flavors from Västerbotten.

Outdoors museum

Rediscover the child in you! Our outdoor museum is primarily visited by playful children but the small buildings are certainly worth exploring for adults as well. Read more…

Kayaking around old shipwrecks

Experience Norrbyskär from the water and explore the remnants of old wrecks that still remain. Book your kayak adventure with Umekajak; if kayaks are available, on-site booking is also an option.

Midsummer celebration

Have you never danced around a maypole? Welcome to the museum’s Midsummer celebration, featuring traditional food and dancing in a historical cultural environment.


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